How to use ...

Interactive n-dimensional dashboards for individualized analyses

Navigate through different pre-built analyses to find the answers you are looking for.


Customize each dashboard

Apply several filters, try correlations and find out more about differences between e.g. regional perspectives or differing stakeholder views! All results displayed on a dashboard are adjusted according to the selection of applied filters. The bottom analysis on a dashboard gives you a detailed split of the upper analysis results. Choose an analytical dimension that best meets your interests and deepens your insight!

Maybe you’ll find answers to questions we haven’t even thought of…

Directly interact with the dashboard & dig deeper into the results

Apart from the filter function, you can also directly interact with the dashboard by hovering over results for detailed information or by picking specific areas of interest. Just click on the respective part of an analysis and you will find all displayed results filtered accordingly.

Explore multiple dashboards within one “story”

For several topics, there will be more than just one analysis! Use the navigation button (e.g. “next analysis”) to switch between dashboards and click your way through the story to receive different analyses!

Executive perspective vs. consumer view

Executives and consumers were asked many of the same questions. Compare the answers of both respondent groups and also see that they were asked more than just conventional survey questions!

Customize the results of an executive view by stakeholder type, job title and revenue segmentation of the company. All data displaying customer views can instead be filtered by age, living circumstances and car ownership.

“N” represents the number of respondents that are still in your selection.